At the age of 13, a summer internship as Camera Assistant allowed me to escape my tiny hometown in Austria and opened new worlds. Traveling with freelance camera crews throughout central Europe ignited my passion for the art and craft, while giving me a taste at the struggle, adventure and impacting beauty Cinematography holds.

This passion and magic of capturing stories by trapping light in a box, brought me at the age of 18 to the US.  Over the years I got band together with many diverse technicians and artists on commercials, music videos, short films, episodic TV and feature films of all budget levels.
One truth prevails - cameras, lenses, lights, ... are all just tools to be explored, but not to be obsessed about. Let's put them to good use and capture stories and emotions worth sharing. For every new adventure, I am excited to assemble a focused team of knowledgeable explorers to conquer the journey ahead and put the carefully chosen arsenal of tools to best use.

I feel deep gratitude that I get to join together and contribute with other filmmakers for brief, intensely driven moments in our lives and as the Cinematographer ensure that the integrity of all images captured uphold the director's and producer's vision from inception to projection.

Los Angeles is my home base, but I love to work in places near and far; whereever the next project takes me....